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This Guide provides a description of many of the laws and planning processes available in British Columbia that the authors thought might be of interest to those interested in pressing for environmentally-sound management of watersheds. Other sections of the Guide can help you identify what laws and planning processes may apply to a particular situation. This page will help you find information about a particular statute or planning process when you already know what you are looking for.

Are you looking for information about:

  • Federal Laws – Statutes (laws) passed and administered by the Government of Canada;
  • Provincial Laws – Statutes (laws) passed and administered by the Government of British Columbia, including laws about local government;
  • Planning Processes – Planning and decision-making processes administered by Federal, Provincial or Local Governments;
  • The Common Law – Tools available in the body of law that has been developed by judges that may be useful for watershed management;
  • Administrative Arrangements – Agreements or policies, not contained in law, that may nonetheless be useful for Watershed Protection Advocates to know about;
  • Global Context – Information about International Laws of particular interest to Watershed Protection Advocates.

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